About Us

Green Future Investments Ltd was founded in 2021 as an enabler to drive the climate agenda by supporting and accelerating technological innovation targeting net negative and net zero solutions.

Funded by the sale of a privately owned IT Managed Service business, and therefore with no external dependencies, GFIL is unique in its’ ability to be agile, creative, and responsive either by providing philanthropic donations or in the investment models we are able to adopt and deploy.

UK based but with a focus on innovations worldwide, our team of trusted, highly skilled, like minded individuals are able to work collaboratively utilizing their specific areas of expertise to fulfil our passion of building a sustainable future.

Partner with Us

  • Investing in research projects which seek to solve the climate change problem.
  • Funding technological innovation that expedites the availability of green, sustainable products and services
  • Supporting community initiatives which educate on sustainable living
  • Funding programs to develop sustainable fuel, food and heating solutions
  • Partnering with government departments and local authorities to accelerate progression towards environmental targets and lobby for change
  • Seeking opportunities to work with all types of organisations to support the delivery of green objectives