We’re driven by an opportunity to have a positive impact on the global climate by investing in technological innovation

0 Brian Meredith Net Zero Scholarships Awarded
0 Schools Committed to Becoming Carbon Zero by 2030
  • Founded 2021

    Founded in 2021- by Directors Sadie Meredith and Andy Rounding, following the sale of a Bedfordshire based, international IT Managed Services organisation. This allows GFIL to operate without any external dependencies, investing in an agile and creative way.

  • 2021 University Partnership

    In 2021 GFIL agreed to invest in a top tier UK University, creating a technology accelerator programme that progresses green technology at all Technology Readiness Levels (TRLs) and a scholarship programme named the Brian Meredith Net Zero Scholarship

  • 2021 Ashden Let′s Go Zero Partnership

    The second key partnership for GFIL is Ashden, specifically their Let’s Go Zero campaign, which is designed to help schools become carbon zero by 2030

  • A Green Future

    As we look to the future, we continue to seek opportunities to invest in what we believe are the solutions to saving our planet; people and technology