Cranfield University Partnership

Green Future Investments Ltd have partnered with Cranfield University to help drive climate positive innovation.

Four funds, totalling £3m over the next 3 years have been formed, creating an ‘innovation funnel’ that seeks to accelerate projects at all Technology Readiness Levels (TRLs) for Cranfield University Students, Alumni or Cranfield’s wider community.

Brian Meredith Net Zero Scholarship Fund

The Brian Meredith Net Zero Scholarship fund provides a unique opportunity for students with a passion for the global net zero goal and are studying one of the eligible MScs (full list available at to begin a career in sustainability. These £20,000 prestigious scholarships will be awarded to 10 students based on their academic excellence, financial needs, and their future potential to make a difference.

Future Frontiers Fund

Wild ideas are welcome here. Seeking to support truly innovative and ‘might work’ concepts from the lowest Technology Readiness Levels (TRLs), the Future Frontiers Fund seeks to help innovators from inside and outside of the Cranfield Community, providing the opportunity for early-stage ideas to be validated or proven unworkable. Through investment from Green Future Investments Ltd, Cranfield University can offer access to technical expertise, labs to work/build/test ideas and their vast experience in managing the R&D process.

Read the Future Frontiers Fund Case Study; Vertical Axis Wind Turbine

Technology Accelerator Fund

Moving more established ideas forward, taking them from benchtop idea to prototype product or scale-up. Proving (or not) an idea can work at scale, not all ideas will succeed, but this fund seeks to find those that can and move them quickly benefitting from technical and commercial expertise, labs and spaces to work/build/test, drawing on additional skills within wider academic teams and experience in research and development

Entrepreneurship Fund

The Green Future Entrepreneurship Fund has been created with 3 components;

  • A seed fund designed to support the next generation of businesses with a focus on green related ideas providing unique educational opportunities to students by partnering them with businesses to support their development
  • A ready for next zero growth program that supports SMEs with a turnover of less than £5m, whose core purpose is around green products and services to develop a strong growth plan for the next 1-3 years combined with a carbon plan and a pledge to achieve Net Zero
  • Student entrepreneurship prizes, encouraging students to work on SDG related business ideas, with these ideas pitched to a panel; planting the seed to become future environmental ambassadors

Educating our way to a greener world

At Green Future Investments we have a desire to help deliver a climate positive future. Partnering with all types of education institutions from schools to universities, we recognise the importance and opportunity to support climate positive activists and innovators. If you have climate positive initiatives that need support and would like to partner with us, please contact us today.