A Quick Round-up of the 2022 Earthshot Prize Winners that Align to GFILs Agenda

A Quick Round-up of the 2022 Earthshot Prize Winners that Align to GFILs Agenda

Having so many aligned objectives with The Earthshot Prize, we’ve taken a brief look at this years winners and how they align to the goals of Green Future Investments Ltd. Runner up this year in need of support? Have an idea you’ve not submitted? Get in touch with us today.

FIX OUR CLIMATE Winner: 44.01

This initiative takes CO2 from the air and turns it into rock, using an existing natural process of mineralisation, but at scale. Essentially, speeding up what nature is already doing.

With the pilot complete, the prize money is needed to fund the scale up of this adaptive & preventative initiative.

At GFIL we are completely aligned to exactly this kind of technological innovation and the removal of CO2 at scale.

CLEAN OUR AIR Winner: Mukuru Clean Stoves

Driven by the personal event of their daughter being burnt by a traditional stove, this innovator is making stoves that are safer and eliminate toxic smoke. The impact of course is multi-faceted, benefiting health, environment and education.

With a clear target of reaching the next 1m households with their prize money, this adaptive initiative aligns with GFILs desire to re-use existing waste materials through innovation.


Plastics are a well-known problem that GFIL feel need to be tackled more quickly and aggressively, and this winner does exactly that. Creating plastic free packaging that is biodegradable, using a natural resource that grows quickly, this great technical innovation benefits many areas; from reducing landfill to cleaning our oceans and waterways. 


With 100 million smallholder farmers in India alone, this winner produces modular greenhouses, seeds and advice to 1000 farmers today, with plans to expand to reach 1 million farmers over the next 10 years. The benefit? Adaptability/Education for farmers, that increases crop yield and reduces the impact of climate change.

Meeting GFIL’s requirements of being another innovative and scalable initiative that will have a significant impact