Submitting the SME Climate Hub Carbon Report for 2023

Submitting the SME Climate Hub Carbon Report for 2023

At Green Future Investments we have made our climate commitment via the SME Climate Hub and now submitted our 2023 carbon report.

Although initially seen as being a huge task to complete, this wasn’t the case. Yes, we are a small team of 6 who provide funding to support climate positive initiatives and so our ‘value chain’ is relatively simple, but there were certainly a few lessons learnt along the way.

A strong message in the recently attended Cranfield Ready for Net Zero Growth program, was “don’t wait for perfection; do something”. So, I made sure I had a methodology for my calculations, so they were actual or estimated, but not guesses. This will enable me to refer to those methodologies next year, so I am consistent in my approach.

Whilst going through this exercise it was encouraging to speak to many partners to hear what they are all doing. There is some great stuff going on with businesses, large and small, working to better understand their carbon emissions and steps they can take to reduce them. It really isn’t sensible to ignore this. As we move forward, more and more business decisions will be based on climate and sustainability factors, so organisations choosing to bury their heads in the sand, not doing anything and hoping it will go away, will miss out.

If you don’t know where to start, reach out to people in your network. Start simple. You know what they say about how to eat an elephant.

This blog was written by Derek Waterman, Head of Governance at Green Future Investments Ltd